John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

7 Top Tools That Improve Business Productivity

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It’s amazing how apps for business have completely changed the way we approach our workday. They allow us to accomplish more, maximize our potential, and let’s not forget, simplify our lives. Yet, businesses are using productivity applications on a small scale, and in order to fully exploit the benefits, managers should review what’s available;

1. ScanBizCards

With this application you can scan and organize business cards you collect at networking meetings, which is to have easy access to them. As an added bonus the application creates a profile with the data printed on the card.

2. CamScanner

This tool helps scan documents from your mobile phone to edit, send and convert pdf when we have no scanner nearby. It is the perfect choice for those who want to digitize, synchronize, share and manage various contents on all devices.

3. Hootsuite

With this application you can manage all of your social networks and schedule messages for publication in the future. Other features to analyze how you are receiving shared content to study whether or not we should change the strategy followed.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive has become, possibly, the best known tool in Google. It’s primarily used to store papers, presentations, and text documents in the cloud and you can edit them from any device at any time. We can also share files or folders with our colleagues and edit documents together in real time.

5. Documents To Go

This is a must-have tool that allows you to open and work on Word, Excel, and Power point documents, even if you don’t have that software. Supports files like DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT and PPTX, as well as allowing viewing of PDF files. It also includes functionality to edit these files through our Google Docs account. Two versions are available free and paid.

6. Genius Scanner More

Turn your iPad or iPhone into a scanner. You probably have not noticed but your iPhone or iPad has the capability to scan documents. This is very useful when you are working out of your office and you do not have a scanner on hand. The software corrects the angle of view and refines the quality of the documents you scan with the built-in camera on your device. Simply save your images in a JPEG or PDF format, and then export them directly to online venues like Google Docs. This also makes it easy for co-workers to access the work without waiting for your return.

7. Evernote

Staying organized is endless but organization is essential for team productivity, and one of the best apps for business is Evernote. It’s become popular for online data collection because of how the information can be categorized, stored and shared. This software allows you to create separate notebooks, that contain various communication, like memos, or pictures. For example, if you’re researching destinations, you can create a notebook for Paris, France, and clip information from web sources and insert into your notebook.

Evernote also allows you to query the information stored by labeling documents. This helps with quick retrieval. You can also share and work on documents collaboratively in a group and everyone can see the information updated in real time.

Need to share information? Create a shared notebook to coordinate the materials that the group will use while working. In this way, everyone can follow the progress of tasks, and get updates via email.

Mastering Your Frenzy

These seven apps for business are just a sampling of effective tools that keep you connected so you can maximize your work day. Keep in mind, before you can begin to focus your attention on daily tasks, you should always master your frenzy. This frenzy typically overwhelms your day, affecting your ability to concentrate and function. You’re human and distractions are inevitable, but the most important task is focusing on you. Once you see new patterns, those seven apps for business will help you maximize new ideas, insights and connections.


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