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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

How to Grow Sales, Profits and Customer Loyalty in Today’s Economy

Our economy seems to be slowing down and this makes it hard to keep businesses running well. This lagging economy is indicative of an even bleaker future. This compels us to commit ourselves more intensely to increasing our sales and garnering profits.  So how would we go about this? The best way is to try and hold on to those people that are already your customers. By focusing on trying to make current customers stay and directing your sales towards them, you will not only increase sales but will also help bring about customer loyalty.

Here are a few techniques that you can make use of to increase your profits and make your customers stay.

Ways to Increase Profits and Sales

A slowing economy makes people price sensitive. Thus, you need to market and sell your products in a manner that makes them more appealing than the competition. To do this, you need to align your internal organization around the priorities of customers. This will help the sales force to better use the resources to develop and improve sales. This alignment can be achieved without much expense and can generate great revenue and profits if implemented correctly.


Have a Sales Incentive Program – By implementing an incentive program, salespeople will now try even harder to generate better sales. For this to work, the sales incentive program should have clear objectives that are easy to understand and that can be attained by your staff. If the program is well-tailored, your staff will be motivated to upsell to customers, offer alternative products which will all help increase sales and profits.


Have Rewards for Customers – By targeting regular customers with rewards, you can attract them to your business and improve sales while increasing their loyalty. Make customers feel that they are contributing to your business, this will please them and they will communicate their feelings to friends and family, thereby bringing you more customers. A well-designed loyalty program will be profitable only if the incremental value exceeds the program cost.


Change Your Strategy – To deal with the increasing market pressure, it is important for you to adopt adaptive strategies. Your goals should be arranged in a proper hierarchy. Building customer loyalty will help increase sales and in turn, increase profits. So by focusing on the customer, you will be able to achieve all three goals. Once a customer is loyal to your business or store, it will improve your business. It will help you keep the customers you already have thus providing a constant supply of customers even when the economy is slow.


Implement Your Strategy – Just having a strategy is not enough. You need to have the means and capital to put your strategy into play. Capitalize on information about your customers. Doing this, you will then be able to recognize trends, anticipate their behavior and develop products that they want. Sometimes you may not be capable of doing this yourself. In such times, reach out to a consulting expert. They will help you develop the necessary tools needed to achieve your goal


These are some of the best ways that you can make use of to increase your sales and profits and customer loyalty in today’s economy. If you feel overwhelmed, make sure you hire an experienced and knowledgeable marketing consultant, who can help you accomplish your goals.

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