You Need a System for Client Feedback
John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

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Do you have a system for client feedback? There is no better way to improve your client retention than hearing from your clients themselves. You have got to have a feedback system in your business. You can set up a survey or speak directly to them. This feedback can be good, bad, or both. I always want to know both. I want to know what my clients like about my business, so I can keep doing it, and what they don’t like so I can make improvements. 

How many times have we as business owners had clients leave us and be shocked, thinking we had a great relationship? My experience in coaching business owners for the last 20 years has taught me that most businesses don’t have any systems in place to retain a quality client.

Why? Because they never ask their clients for feedback. A survey can offer a lot of great insights. It makes your clients feel heard, allows you to adjust as needed, and provides a place for your customers to bring up any concerns that they may have.

I highly recommend implementing a survey. I have a survey to success system and every client I teach to implement it sees a spike in their client retention. The system gives you a step by step system so you can know precisely what is working and what isn’t in your client relationships.

A Learning Experience


Two years ago, I decided to take my son and his friend to a ranch that has a pond stocked with catfish. You can rent a pole, buy some bait, and spend the day fishing. I go up there and get the kids all set up. I buy them some worms as bait, and we throw our lines out and sit there.

After about fifteen minutes of sitting there, we see a father and son throw their line in the water and catch a fish. I figured the fish were over there, so we move over by them. They land two more fish while we get nothing.

I turn to the other father to find they are using hot dogs as bait. So, I go back over to the bait shack and buy the boys a package of hot dogs. About a half hour later they have landed seven fish. It turns out you have to pay $14.99/lb for the fish, so the boys beat me up for $140 that day.

But, I learned something valuable that applies to these surveys. If you never ask you are not going to get the feedback that you need to be more successful. If I didn’t ask that other dad what they were doing, we would have gone home empty-handed from the pond that day.

My System for Client Feedback



My survey to success system combines feedback and a referral system. I call up a client that I love, I ask them for five minutes of their time, and I ask these questions:

  1. 1. If you were in a position to refer me to a friend or contact would you?
  2. 2. What would you say when you referred me?
  3. 3. Do you mind If I use that statement as a testimonial on my website?
  4. 4. You mentioned that you would refer me to a friend or college, who did you have in mind?  

I want you to give you the survey success framework for free so that you can implement a system for client feedback in your business. Join my Facebook group and tag me in a post. I will send it to you.

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