How To Manage The Hiring Process Effectively

One of the operations that every business owner must know is that his business runs perfectly with excellent staff. Recruitment is one of the things that is difficult to find at present. It is finding promising talents who want to work, and you have to have a process and a system in place to do […]

Knowing When You Should Hire Help

Like every week, I have come together to make the 10X Business Owners Mastermind Call, and it has turned out to be very helpful for new business owners and entrepreneurs. Hiring is a big problem that has always been a headache for business owners. And just about it, we talk to clarify doubts and situations. […]

Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever!

Want to have a strong finish to 2023 and make 2024 the best year ever? My proven systems and approach will give your company the edge it needs to succeed and grow. Let’s set up a strategy session for your business! I am excited to discuss your goals and challenges. Call me at (916) 765-2596 or email

Mentor Program For Teens

We have launched a teen version of our successful mastermind group. Here teens can learn about how to start and run a business. Plus, many other important skills that just aren’t taught anywhere else. We are only charging $99.00 per month. Below is a video further explaining the program and the application process. Have your […]

6 Tips To Hire And Retain The Best Employees

The most expensive element of any business is the human resources they have. Although plenty of resources are spent hiring the right employees for various organizational roles, recruitment is only half the job done. Ensuring these individuals continue working for you long-term is arguably more important. Still, attracting the best employees and keeping them loyal […]

DISC: An Unbeatable Recruitment Tool… And MORE!

DISC is perhaps among the most commonly heard terms in corporate boardrooms. Standing for ‘Dominance,’ ‘Influence,’ ‘Steadiness,’ and ‘Conscientiousness,’ the DISC profile helps discover human behavior in different situations. It is a tool that enables management to make effective decisions that will benefit a range of business functions. An unbeatable recruitment tool Since the very […]

How to Be a Good Coach

Coaching successful salespeople is not that different from coaching a winning sports team. A championship coach inspires his players to perform at their highest level so they achieve important goals. A sales coach is charged with doing the same thing for a sales force. The goal of sales coaching is simple. The practice is done […]

Is it beneficial for my company to have a virtual assistant?

While it is true that a startup requires a lot of time and dedication to accomplish multiple tasks, business owners go out of their way to do them all. However, not all tasks are good or relevant enough to occupy our full attention. As is well known, in all businesses certain tasks must be performed […]

Why You Need a Virtual Assistant To Help You Today

As you know, having your own office implies knowing how to manage your time and resources well. But, above all, it requires the constant search for business opportunities, without neglecting the execution of your projects and monitoring the current clients you work with. Has it happened to you that you are in an important meeting […]

How to Follow Through for Your Clients

You must follow through if you want to retain your clients. When you are selling a high-ticket item or service, you need to make darn sure that your client is happy they hired you. The last thing you want is for your clients to have buyer’s remorse. An easy way to do this is by […]

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