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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

How to Be a Good Coach

Coaching successful salespeople is not that different from coaching a winning sports team. A championship coach inspires his players to perform at their highest level so they achieve important goals. A sales coach is charged with doing the same thing for a sales force. The goal of sales coaching is simple. The practice is done to make people better at their job. When they are, they help more customers and make higher incomes. Great sports coaches and sales coaches have a lot in common. Both of them teach people important life lessons and how to harness and direct their inner power.

You can learn how to be a good coach by understanding how to motivate people. Building self-esteem and encouraging people to believe in themselves gets them to go further than ever. A great coach builds people up. He gets them to believe they can accomplish any goal they set their minds to achieving. In today’s competitive business environment, people need every edge they can get when it comes to marketing and sales. A well-trained, professional sales staff is like a smooth-running growth engine for any company. There’s no finer asset an organization can possess. Hiring a premium sales trainer who teaches you how to coach others is a solid strategy for continuous growth.

Research by International Coach Foundation (ICF) showed that companies that invested in sales training ended up with a 700% ROI. A sky-high return like that is hard to find. It makes sense. Salespeople are uniquely positioned to generate higher revenues. If you learn how to be a coach, you’ll end up expanding your capacity to lead large sales organizations. There’s more to the job than just teaching people how to be aggressive. Sure, everyone has to take massive action to succeed. That’s a given. Maintaining a positive mindset and following clearly defined strategies to succeed is even more important. Coaches define a strategy, inspire and motivate. When you learn to be a good coach, those qualities will become second nature. You’ll learn to keep yourself inspired so you can pass the enthusiasm on to others.

Sales coaches assess the people they’re working with. They identify their strengths and weaknesses. Once their assessment is complete, they create a strategy to unleash their potential. It’s not enough to help someone get slightly better. The real triumph happens when they are able to scale heights they once thought unimaginable. When you learn how to be a good coach, you’ll instinctively know how to identify the true motivations and qualities that can turn anyone into a sales superstar. Sales coaching tends to focus on short-term success, like an immediate bump in sales. This is great, but the need to help people permanently and internally change for the better is even more important. Those changes will give them the capacity to crank up their numbers. That takes time. Great coaches don’t just come in one day and motivate people for a short period of time. They work with sales professionals every step of the way until they get what they started to achieve.

Anyone can learn how to be a great coach if they are willing to take coaching themselves. The legacy of training and coaching has been handed from one person to another since the beginning. If you’re motivated and ready to take on this challenging role, coaches are standing by who can help you get started. There’s no nobler profession than sales and sales training. It’s time you joined the ranks of coaching professionals today.

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