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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Managing The Hiring Process Effectively

During a Small Business Owners call session, we talked about the arduous hiring process. One of the operations that every business owner must know is that his business runs perfectly with excellent staff.

Recruitment is one of the things that is difficult to find at present. It is finding promising talents who want to work, and you have to have a process and a system in place to do that.

As experts, we believe that companies that are not clear about what they need to hire and companies that are not leveraging their brand in front of the right people are losing their way. There are many hiring in progress. And a lot is happening, generally, just under people’s transition from a remote location to a part-time office.

For example, companies that allow 100% remote work now ask, and sometimes require, that people return to the office, even though some have moved out. So, many people are retiring because it is time to retire.

Now, from a technical talent standpoint, if you don’t have a compelling reason for someone to take a look at the position you’re trying to fill and a brand that’s more attractive to people like Facebook, Amazon, or Salesforce, you don’t go. to enter, and if you have an arduous process regarding the interview and hiring, and there are tests. You have to fill out the form and apply on the website; we will lose candidates because they have many other options.

However, we can also see branded companies that used not to recruit people from other parts of the country are recruiting for now because they offer work from home.


The key to the hiring process

Getting clarity with your message about what you are looking for to leverage your brand correctly will make that process super easy. It will also eliminate sticking points when interviewing and getting hired.

Right now, I have clients that we work with on behalf of small businesses in Sacramento and Fortune 50 companies that they already know around the world, where we have seen good people accept offers or with companies that are clear with their benefits with work, it is not a job description what they are posting, or we don’t post on their behalf, we post job postings that are going to force someone to want to learn more. We offer good benefits, a work-life balance, and learning opportunities. And the hiring and interview process is fast.

We have a client, Cox, automotive, who will interview, schedule a second interview within a couple of days, schedule a third interview a couple of days later, and make an offer within 24 hours.

We have not had any candidates reject the offers. So, you know, it’s just a quick move to post something compelling that is of interest to good people.

Make sure your brand is up-to-date and that you expose your brand in a way that is attractive to people because, again, you will be competing with the greats who did not use to recruit you in certain parts of the US, and now they do.


What’s the most complex industry to work for when recruiting and finding talent correctly?

Evelyn, an expert in technology recruitment, answered us:

I think there are skill sets where the demand is higher right now, for people who are building software systems and software platforms, more of this 21st century, because again Google and Amazon are AR and Facebook are the ones. is recruiting. Guys and people want to have that on their resumes.

I worked for Google, and recruiters, actually, are people in the HR field. However, I would say there is a high demand for all skill sets.


A brief story

I did a strategy session with a pest control guy on Monday. And we’re sitting there, and he’s been in business for three years. And, I say, how many clients do you have? Now it says I have 490 clients; how many referrals do you get? No, from time to time, we get referrals and other things.

Of the 490, how many of them do you like, as if they called you on their cell phone, do you recognize them, do you get excited to answer and not to send them your voicemail? I think it was around 490. That’s how many references he’s sitting on. But you must figure out what bait to use to attract more people like them.


My opinion about the hiring process

If I were a company, I would be looking for a trucker; because there is a tremendous shortage of truckers, I would probably want that trucker. And for it to sign on the bottom line, I need to buckle the button on the truck driving the truck.

That means you must have a furry stuffed animal, and I must buy the seat on your dash while driving. I’ll be more than happy to do it for you, too. But, you know, when there is a shortage, that stops recruiting.

Yes, the worst time to hire is when you need someone. Now, employers make the worst hiring decisions when they’re willing to skip the process that has worked for them.

Don’t quit just because you end up hiring poorly, which turns into a dog-wagging tail situation. And as I’ve told people for a long time, it’s easier to run with 100 people than to drag one. And I can’t tell you how often I parted ways with an employee. You can hear the air coming back to the company the moment they walk out the door. And now all of a sudden, the employees come in, it’s like, man, it’s a much better place now that he’s gone and she’s not here.

Like Harvey Mackay said: “Dig well before you’re thirsty.” It’s okay, you know, constantly looking for talent. Yes, great talent. It never, never, never, never cost you money. Yes. And if you are listening to this recording, you are a small business owner, have never hired employees, or only have one or two employees, and you think I have no idea what to do. And employees are expensive and all these other things. Yes, bad employees.

Good average employees cost a lot of money. But good employees will always make you money as long as you have your processes and systems in place. And if you don’t have your processes in place, a great employee will help you implement them. The most important thing to do is get out of the way and hire far better talent than you.

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