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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Independent Consultants Vs. In-House Sales Consultants

Improving an existing sales force is a constant challenge to get it right and improve the team’s sales performance. This has led many companies to use In-House services to counsel, train, and consult on issues and concerns in the sales force. While this technique efficiently maintains sales standards and consistent training regimes, it does not increase overall performance over the longer term. There are two distinct reasons for this: complacency due to the corporate culture inherent in the business or company and a lack of innovation in training and delivery of sales techniques. These two issues require the solution of an independent consultant to resolve and improve the overall sales performance of the sales staff.

Eliminating Complacency

Internal corporate culture can become a static situation where new innovations in training and technique can slowly ebb inward. Importantly, this static situation does not imply that a sales staff or department is underperforming due to being lax, only that as companies increase in size, the tendency is to become less responsive to taking advantage of new innovations that would enhance the sales force’s performance. Internal pressures that prevent good sales performance can be identified and eliminated by bringing in outside sales consultants, allowing the sales force to improve performance.

Sales Innovation

In addition to the complacency that can arise due to the basics of corporate culture, new innovations and data must constantly be added and updated to maintain pace with the changing sales environment. Independent sales consultants excel at bringing innovation to the forefront. New techniques, new approaches to existing techniques, innovative analysis and interpretation of existing data, and potentially new ways to accumulate and collate data can improve overall sales. With the ever-increasing technological changes, innovation is key to staying on top.

Engaging with independent sales consultants to improve overall sales performance identifies and eliminates potential roadblocks to success while adding new and innovative tools to your sales staff or department. Sales consultants can address concerns and supply advanced training. They can help your sales staff or department increase their performance through various techniques and approaches that will help your bottom line. While certainly not a replacement for in-house sale consulting, often it takes a new and outside perspective to see where problems or concerns exist and develop solutions that work.

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