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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Overcoming Sales Blocks with Effective Sales Coaching Tips

Closing the sale is the key to a strong business. This is the case whether you are working on B2B transactions or working in retail sales. There is an art to making the deal. For many team members, turning a no into a yes is not easy. People feel that they may come across too pushy, may not be able to connect with a client, or simply do not have the tact to seal the deal. With the right sales coaching tips, you can turn every team member into one confident enough to do the job every time.

Sell through building blocks.

A big sale is a mountain that needs to be taken on one bit at a time. You cannot simply toss out every bit of information at your client and expect them to be able to absorb it and get on board. Build the sale block by block in order to build momentum. Coach your team to take their time breaking down the transaction. If they are confident every step of the way, the client will be confident in your team.

Sell through asking

An all-time favorite of our sales coaching tips is to sell through asking. For instance, ask an associate of yours to sell you a pen. Many people will jump right into the features and benefits of the pen. With this approach, clients can tell you why they do not want the pen. Instead, your team member should start the sale by asking what the client needs. Talk one on one without mentioning the pen at all. With the client’s needs out on the table, it is easy to tailor the sale to the client’s needs, showing them exactly why what you have is what they need.

Match communication and body language

You never know what someone has gone through during the day. They may struggle with loss, be elated due to great family news, or have been fighting traffic for hours. Instead of coming on strong and being bubbly for the sake of being bubbly, match their personality and body language. Being on the same page as someone builds a level of comfort that is hard to achieve elsewhere. This is one of the sales coaching tips that work over the phone or in person with just a little practice.

Explain why now is important

Closing the sale is about showing the client why they need what you have. Additionally, you have to be sure to show the client why they need you now. “Let me think about it” is a common sales roadblock. A good team member will be able to establish urgency. If your company will help grow its business, for instance, talk about how decisions now will automatically impact its bottom line. Without you now, success will not be attainable.

Don’t get lost in the jargon

Selling is often about lofty ideas. Our final sales coaching tips for all employees are about tangible numbers. Working with real numbers brings a sense of urgency, a sense of success, and a sense of need to the situation. If you can say that what you offer will increase business by 20%, decrease tasks two-fold, or make things 20 minutes quicker, these are things a client can grab onto. Time is money. Time and profit are worth paying for and will help you close the sale.

For more sales coaching tips, contact our team at John Pyron Coaching. We understand the need to build your brand and business through exceptional sales, communication, and training.

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