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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Self-Management In Successful Leadership

Being a leader is not as easy as being a manager. To be a leader, you have to build belief and trust from those around you. You need to have a vision so as to lead people in a positive direction. Additionally, you need to be astute when you make decisions as it steers the direction that you take. Followers view a leader as someone who is capable and wise. The decisions that you make are seen to be the best to follow. Being a leader takes hard work, and no one will serve it to you on a silver platter.

From the leadership coaching sessions, you have probably come to understand the importance of self-management. It will help your perspectives which are unique, on ways you can take responsibility for your development. To succeed as a leader through self-management, you will need:

To be a listener and communicator

You need to be able to know what those who are following you need. You cannot be aloof from those looking up to you as a leader. Do not be distant from them since, as a leader; you do need to be part of the team. You work with them by guiding and directing them. Being passionate will be an added plus to your success in achieving the goals that you have set. Additionally, this will also help to motivate and inspire those you are leading, keeping the team alive.

No leadership is perfect, and you need to understand the weaknesses and strengths of your team and your leadership. Protect the weaknesses and build on the strengths.

Courage and experience

Being a manager is a different ballgame from that of a leader. A manager makes decisions, and to be successful in this, they need to be good leaders as well. Education and skills help in the requirements of the manager, which are more easily obtained than leadership. To be a successful leader, you will need to be equipped with the right attitude, courage, and experience.

Winds of change

Leadership coaching self-management shows that there is more to being a leader than just the profits. You need to sharpen your focus and guide your organization effectively through difficult times. This is why you need to look beyond the profits that will be made.

Know the essential point

Self-management in successful leadership will require you not to compete but create, avoid controlling others, and instead empower them. Do not force. Influence. The traditional leadership coaching programs missed their mark as they focused on changing leaders. This approach has never been successful. To be effective as a leader, you will need self-management and not aspire to be someone else, as your styles of leadership are never the same.

Basics of self-management

You need to be self-aware of your leadership style. Reflect on your leadership experiences from the past and learn from your mistakes before you take a nose dive into another leadership role. This you can obtain from journals you have kept over the years.

The next step is to seek the honest opinions of those who you work with daily, as this is the breakfast of champions. Then do have a small group of people who you can open up to about your dreams and sorrows. They will be great shoulders to lean on when things are tough and will give you insight that will help you grow as a leader.

Remember, leadership is not about the exertion of power over others, but it results from self-management, which empowers others to step up and be leaders.

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