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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Reasons Why Your Business Doesn’t Sell

On many occasions, more than we would like, we are faced with the problem that we do not know what is blocking our income. But many factors seem to escape our eyes and make your business not sell.

Reasons why your business doesn’t sell

Lack of trust

Users need to recognize a place as safe, whether to purchase a product or receive a service. Your obligation as an entrepreneur is to generate this trust and strengthen it with the help of a marketing strategy because, if it is a physical location, people should know that the space has security cameras, biosafety protocols (in the new normal), and good lighting, while, if it is a digital venture, they must have a secure payment system.

Unclear message

It is important that your communication strategy is clear and precise to avoid that your business doesn’t sell. These characteristics that you must apply in all channels, both traditional and digital, for example, the graphs that you publish on the social networks of your business must be related to the text and the area in which your company operates, otherwise, it will cause confusion in your target audience.

Lack of originality

If you are still wondering why your business doesn’t sell, you must be clear that all markets have a high degree of competitiveness since many companies offer a good or service similar to yours, so the key is to differential value and originality, the only factors that will help your business to stand out and be recognized among the competition.

Bad experience

User experience is one of the most determining factors in today’s business sector, especially if you start to wonder why your business is not selling. Therefore, it is essential to have a good home delivery service, purchase, and collection.

If you suspect that this may cause your business stagnation, conduct a survey in which you allow your customers to express themselves and point out what they like and dislike about your company so you can recognize the problem and devise strategies to solve it.

No presence on the internet

In the 21st century, there cannot be a business without social networks or a website, but not only is it enough to create a profile and abandon it, but you must begin to see the internet as an ally of sales and engagement, because through this network You will be able to have direct contact with your target audience, better understand their needs and adapt your service or product to them.

You have not defined your business model

The success of your business is not based on making a previous model but on defining it well. The business model should be, in addition to the generic vision of what your business intends to be, also your header report. If you are unclear about it, starting your project can be very complicated, and the worst is that your business doesn’t sell.

It is important to check the market trends, your competition, and your potential customers to know if it is a profitable business model or, on the contrary, it will give you more headaches than usual. Remember that it is better to be clear from the beginning than cause a model change midway.

You don’t reach sales targets

Why your business does not sell is one of the main reasons for business closure. Therefore, if every month you see your box in the red or you do not reach your sales goals, it is very convenient that you ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Do I have a sales plan?
  • Do I know my potential client well?
  • Do I know how to address him?
  • Is my product attractive enough?
  • Do I know how to communicate your benefits?
  • Is it the right price?
  • Is my business easily locatable?
  • Do I invest enough in marketing?

Remember that the reason why you are not selling lies in the answer to any of these questions.

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