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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Selling An Indecisive Customer

One of the situations that make salespeople and salespeople the most nervous is how they should act when faced with an indecisive customer.

The nervousness of the merchants is given by the possibility of losing the potential sale depending on how they act. Therefore, the seller has doubts about forcing the relationship with the customer to achieve closure or not pressing and that it is the customer who “freely” decides.

What is an indecisive customer?

The first step to understanding how to work with indecisive clients is to understand them… Or, in other words, put yourself in their shoes. You and I, at some point, have also been indecisive customers!

Now I want you to think about why this kind of situation arises.


  • The product does not provide confidence
  • The client evaluates another alternative/brand
  • The seller does not trust the buyer
  • The customer tries to haggle
  • The customer is not interested in buying at this time
  • The customer has no money
  • The customer was just curious about the product and its value.
  • There can be many reasons to be an indecisive customer.

The problem of the indecisive customer is not the person. You just don’t know what he’s thinking!

Likewise, if you read his mind, you could decide if you will dedicate time and define a sales strategy. Or give up the sale and devote your energy to another opportunity.

Characteristics of an indecisive customer

  • They are calm; they walk slowly, and if you push them, they run away.
  • They are stable clients, careful, and good listeners. When listening to everything said to them, it is important to consider only telling them what we want to tell them.
  • To show that they know a lot, some sellers tell more than they know, which makes these customers even more insecure due to the new doubts we have created for them.
  • They are modest and reliable clients.
  • They are clients who are slow to decide but easy to deal with. As was the case with Friendly customers.
  • They are customers who at the beginning of the deal like the seller very well. Still, if he is not attentive, being slow irritates him, generating customer distrust of his interlocutor.
  • Indecisive clients ask only about the specifics.
  • Given their insecurities and fears, they are clients resistant to change.
  • They are not direct when speaking, so we must, through questions, ensure what they tell us.
  • They need their own physical space to move around and comment, without interference, with their companions.

How to win an indecisive customer?

When we face an Indecisive client, we must act in the following way:

Speak slowly

Act slowly and give him as much time as he needs to move from one topic to another.

Focus on the person

These clients want you to be alone for them.

Earn their trust

This is the main issue, the indecisive client needs to obtain security through the trust that is generated with the commercial, if it is not achieved it will be difficult to close the sale. To gain this trust, in most cases, what is needed is time, so the seller must bear in mind that this is not going to be a quick sale.

Look into his eyes

Look him in the eye for support to gain his confidence.

Give them the information they need. Do not hide anything from them

Do not give them more information than they need, as it will increase their insecurity. You must give him the information that interests you to lead him toward your interests while enhancing his security.

Explain ideas with order and logic

This will make it easier for the indecisive customer to understand what you are saying and generate greater security.

Be sincere

Do not fool the indecisive customer or tell them things by halves. Only what is necessary but complete.

Don’t be dominant

The indecisive client must think that he has made the decisions on his own initiative.

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