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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Why You NEED To Create A Schedule For Success

A schedule is an essential tool for any business and entrepreneur, and most of us already know that. However, most of us don’t treat our calendars quite as important as we should, moving things around, canceling, and rescheduling on the fly. We also don’t schedule everything that should be scheduled – many of us only put meetings on our calendars. This leads to stress and issues that we don’t even realize, so let me explain just a few reasons you need to create a schedule for success!

Enhances productivity
In any given business, some tasks need to be done, like answering emails, making prospect calls, and more. If these are not scheduled out (for you or whoever you’ve delegated the tasks to), then there’s a good chance they can get lost in the mountain of other tasks that come in on any given day. Scheduling time to be sure you make those calls and handle all emails ensures you do not forget about tasks that may seem minor but will become problematic as the deadlines approach.

Improves reliability and accountability
One of the worst qualities a business person can have is unreliability. You have customers waiting for you at nine in the morning, only for them to wait up to ten minutes or more before they can get to meet you. This may create an unprofessional image of you as an individual. A schedule keeps you accountable for the commitments you have made, and this means people can rely on you to do as you promised.

Ensures you know your priorities
What most people do not realize is that a schedule does not only contain work-related issues. It can also cover shopping, family time, and other events you need to fit into the day. With everything condensed into a small area, you can simply review it and find out what is more important than the rest. Prioritizing allows you to handle the most important things first before embarking on things that may not require immediate attention. Failure to prioritize may lead to complications, including strained relationships and loss of business deals.

Provides room for improvement
Evaluating progress based on your schedule can be key to making improvements. As you assess the things you may have done in the past few weeks, you will be able to determine the ones that have made a positive impact in your life and those that are not achieving desirable results. You can then make certain adjustments to guarantee you will become more productive in the future.

Enjoy your free time
To truly enjoy your free time on vacation or during the weekend, you must have a stress-free mind. However, without a schedule, you will worry about a business call you have not made or documents that need to be submitted. This can compromise your experience during your free time. With a schedule in place, you can focus on that moment, knowing that everything is already planned for.

Set goals
Schedules actually double up as goals. When you are immersed in certain tasks, they have the ability to throw you off course. This may mean you only focus on one thing and leave the others undone. A schedule allows you to allot time for tasks that can be done on an ongoing basis while it frees up time to focus on short-term goals that may become problematic if left unattended.

It helps you avoid mistakes
Due to the impact of too much work, you may end up making a date for dinner while at the same time, you need to receive stock for your business. This conflict of appointments can lead to frustration and stress. A schedule eliminates any possibility of such mistakes.

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