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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Baseline Strategy

Here is a strategy that you can use to increase your results this month. It is called the baseline strategy. You have a baseline in terms of the results that you are producing. One of the ways you probably measure results is in the money you earn.

Let’s say you are earning $5,000 a month. That is your baseline. Your baseline is also everything you do to create that $5,000. The phone calls you make, the time management strategies, the goal setting, the number of appointments you run, and everything else you do.

The Strategy

– Sit down and make a list of every single thing you did to make the $5,000.
– Continue to do what you have been doing to get this quality result
– Come up with a list of things that you could be doing that you aren’t currently doing to make more money
– Laser focus on one or two of the things on this list to implement into your strategy

An example of something you can do to push yourself beyond your baseline is hiring a coach or a mentor. Look around and find a coach that fits great with your style. I would love to chat with you to see if we are a good fit for each other. Book time on my calendar today. You can call me at (916) 765-2596 or email me at jpyron@johnpyron.com. Make it a great day!

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