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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Give Yourself A Clean Slate

How would you like to wake up daily with a clean slate? How would you like to accomplish a goal every single day? How would you like to move one step closer to your dream every single day? Let me share with you a strategy that I use. I teach it to all of my one-on-one clients and at my classes and workshops. It works all the time.

Here is the system:

Identify the amount of money you want to earn this year. Once you identify that number, ask yourself, “How many days am I committed to working this year?” Take the amount of income divided by the number of days, and now you have a daily number to work for.

When you wake up every morning, whip out a blank sheet of paper and write your income goal at the top. Then, look at your calendar or your task list. Anything on there that does not support hitting that number today either gets canceled, delegated, or procrastinated on purpose, so you can free up time blocks to focus on hitting your number today.

Ask yourself, what can I do today to hit that number? Can I generate more leads? Can I set appointments? Can I knock somebody off the fence? Make your list of what you are going to do. If you need help, call your mentor. If you don’t have one, I could be one for you or recommend you to one of the many I’ve coached. Find somebody who knows how to hit that number and call them. Fill up your list for the day.

Don’t put your action items on a task list. Go to your calendar and set everything you need to do as an appointment with yourself. So, when you look at your schedule, it should be all these appointments that you have to show up to all day long. Time block email, breaks, meals, returning phone calls, outbound calls, and everything else you need to. By the end of your planning session, it should be non-stop, one appointment after the next.

Show up to the appointment. Show up on time, turn off your phone, and don’t respond to emails or texts. Just focus on that one item during that time block. Show up 100% to each appointment.

At the end of the day, take an inventory. What did you hit? For example, your goal was $1000 today, and you came in at $900. You made $900 today! Pat yourself on the back. Find someone you can be accountable to and text them: my goal was $1000, and I hit 900. Then, celebrate what you did today.

The rule is you are not allowed carryover to the next day. You cannot add $100 the next day because you had a $900 day yesterday. The success in reverse is also true. Say you hit $1200 and your goal was $1000; you cannot reduce $200 from the next day. It’s just $1000 every day.

Repeat the process the next day, the day after, and the day after.

This system has worked for me and all of my clients as well. Once your brain starts getting focused on hitting that goal, your life will begin to rally around you, and you will hit that goal. In fact, you will surpass that goal. I tell my clients to set a definite period of time, for example, between now and the end of the month. If they hit that goal in five days and still have six days left in the month, they will still work towards their goal until the end of the month. They always blow their minds as to how much they can accomplish.

My Client Stephanie Scheller came to me one day and said, “I’m not sure I’m going to hit my goal.” I told her she would, and I taught her this strategy. She hit the goal nine days early and called me all excited. I told her, “Great! We still have nine days left, so get to work!”

At the end of the month, she blew her mind at what she could accomplish. She went far beyond the goal and has the skill set to last the rest of her life. Try this out when you are trying to hit a short-term goal, whether it’s money or learning or whatever. It will work every time.

I want you to identify the one thing you are trying to accomplish, and I want you to set that goal and walk through this process. Email me jpyron@johnpyron.com or make a comment on this post or my LinkedIn and share your success with me! You are going to blow your mind! You will look at this and say, “Oh my god, I figured out the secret!” This is the secret; it’s the magic bullet. It’s called hard work.

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