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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Q & A With a Business Coach

“I’m a sole proprietor, so it is just me. I don’t have anything for sales. Is it worth setting up a program with someone who could do cold calls and create appointments, then I can follow up?”

Absolutely! Roberta Lopez does my follow-up calls and appointment setting. The only types of calls I make are referral calls because I created a referral network that I focus all my time and energy on creating.

So, there are people you can set up a virtual relationship with. Hire them for an hour daily, and they’ll gladly make calls and set appointments for you.

“I’m working on a business plan. I’m trying to figure out which horses and which carriages go first. If I ramp up sales, I’m going to bury myself and won’t be able to deliver, but I need to grow my business. Where do I start?”

Write down your vision and mission statements. Then, list the top 19 objectives

you want to hit this year. Next, create an action plan. Of those top 19 objectives, choose the most important one. Tackle that one next week. Income should be number one.

Make an action plan of exactly what you will do to reach that objective. Once you reach it, outline your plan to reach the second and keep going until you smash all 19.

“What is a Mission and Vision Statement?”

Your vision statement is where you want to be three years from now. Your mission statement is a five to seven-word phrase that describes what you do.

“How do I make sure I achieve my vision statement?”

This is where a killer strategy comes in. Break down your vision statement into quarterly goals.

Then, focus on meeting the goals of one quarter at a time. That’s going to move you forward and closer to reaching your vision.

Action plans and monthly strategies are quarterly, and objectives are annual. That’s how you effectively work towards a huge goal. Otherwise, it becomes overwhelming. My job is to help you create strategies so we tackle one thing at a time.

We’ve reached that huge vision three years from now, one step at a time.

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