John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

How Can Sales Coaching Make a Good Salesperson Great?

Let’s take a look at some of the world’s best performers: Tiger Woods, Taylor Swift, and Bjorn Borg. Now, what do all of these performers have in common despite being in different industries? They all have a coach. Top performers in every industry utilize sales coaching to help them achieve higher goals. So why would it be different in the sales industry?

Whether you’re a novice who’s still trying to nail your pitch or a sales-savvy pro looking for fresh new strategies to get over a plateau, effective sales coaching can produce significant results. Results like making a good salesperson into a great one.

Not convinced? Here are a few ways sales coaching can offer real value to you:

Help you see the forest and not just the trees.

We all have skewed versions of ourselves and how we perform. We have this because we only see one side of the coin: our side. This is akin to being in the thick of the forest, and so we can only see the trees around us. In contrast, a sales coach is an outsider. They can help the salesperson balance the finer details of the trees while also understanding the forest as a whole.

Coaches will use sales coaching exercises like role-playing and constructive feedback on recordings of your real-life sales pitches and communications. They’ll walk you through the entirety of the forest and help you gauge where you need to focus to improve your performance and become a greater salesperson.

Push you forward to break new ground.

It’s important for everyone to learn from their setbacks and mistakes. But unfortunately, the fast-paced world of sales doesn’t really offer such luxuries as time. By scheduling regular sales coaching sessions, you’ll have another person on your team who can help review past strategies, reinvent old ones and introduce new ones, rehearse and fine-tune your sales skills, and make sure that you’re always in your top form before you head out to deal with real-world clients.

Sales coaches can also help you use your time effectively by introducing you to all of the industry’s top trends and innovations. You should use your sales coach as a sounding board for new methods you’d like to try and use their coaching to help you break new ground to better sales performance.

Draft you the best chart for a new destination.

Maybe you’re selling okay now, or maybe you’re even one of the better salespeople in your company, but you’re still unable to become the best on the team. Most people have an idea of where they want to be, whether it’s in their personal life or their career goals, but they lack the ability to get from point A, where they are currently, to point B, where they want to be.

One of the most significant ways sales coaching can turn you into a greater salesperson is by accurately assessing your current performance level, combining that with your strengths, and helping you create a direct line course from point A to point B, C, or even Z.

The sales coach is there to help you define your goals as a salesperson even if you don’t know what they realistically are, and then they’ll help you develop the best action plan to achieve them. Such goals may be huge, like setting specific sales quotas for the year, or they can be as simple as becoming more confident during initial sales pitches. Whatever they are, professional sales coaching is one of the best ways to take you there.

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