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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Running Your Business is a Game

I coach a lot of people. Most of the time, my coaching is all about taking action. Running a business is like playing a professional football game. I tell my clients to play the game. Show up and play the game daily because running your business is a game.

A professional football game consists of four quarters. Sure, they take time outs, and of course, they have half-time. But professional football players also practice and warm up before the game starts.

8-5 is Game Time

Game time is not the time to practice or warm up. You are just playing the game. Your game time is 8 am-5 pm. Split that up into four quarters. The only thing that matters during game time is revenue-producing activities. Here’s what each quarter of your day could look like:

  • First Quarter: Taking care of existing customers
  • Second Quarter: Running sales appointments
  • Third Quarter: Strategic meetings with joint venture partners
  • Fourth Quarter: Setting sales appointments to run the next day

Anything I need to get done that is not part of those four activities I do outside of game time. I create my scripts, handle lead generation, and plan my days outside game time.

If you treat your day as if you’re showing up to a professional football game, you will get consistent results, and you will win a lot more than those who don’t show up.

Back in 1998, I had my first six-figure year. That was a big goal for me, but I discovered that getting there was not that hard once I hit that goal. Work your butt off, and focus only on those four revenue-producing activities during the day.

So, warm up before the game. Send out 25 marketing touches — an email, a script, a text message, or a direct message to a prospect — before the game starts. Print out the list of the people you sent marketing touches to and call those people every quarter.  Running our business is a game, and it is important that you play the game.

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