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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Scaling Engagement and Learning with Sales Coaching

Sales coaching is one of the top ways you can forge one-to-one connections with other people while you continue to expand your team on both a size and skill level basis. When your team’s numbers expand, your influence and wealth expand. With proper coaching, you can systematize this process and help everyone succeed as possible.

Expanding Your Team’s Numbers

One of the most powerful ways to expand your influence is literally to expand your team’s numbers. With each additional member of your team, you grow your potential for new sales and to nourish the relationships you have already developed with existing customers. One way sales coaching can help you with your expansion on a numerical basis is that you can be coached in the daily coaching process — you can literally become the type and skill level of coach a larger team needs to stay cohesive and effective. The old saying of “fake it ‘til you make it” applies — it will be very hard for you to have a large sales force before having the skills necessary to keep so many people working well.

Nurturing Your Team’s Skills

Every sales team member is a force that must be molded and guided. Otherwise, you will not reach your maximum efficiency, and people will defect to join a more winning team. Sales coaching can be a key aspect of keeping each team member working to the best of their ability, as you can help develop nascent skills while your team members sharpen their existing ones. This nurturing process begins with sales coaching and continues daily, where you push your team’s skills to their highest levels and encourage them to develop to their maximum potential.

Making the Individual Process Systematic

Systematizing your sales training process may be the most powerful benefit of sales coaching, as, too often, this part of the endeavor is neglected by sales managers. It is easy to say that sales are as individual as the person practicing it, but certain aspects of sales are universal. The systematic way of looking at sales is what a professional coach can bring to the table, and this approach can take average results and make them spectacular. On top of growing your existing results, once you have a system your sales coach can help you develop, you can use it permanently for any number of future salespeople.

Keeping the Group on the Same Page

Every member of your sales force is important in their own right, but as a group, they can accomplish far more than the sum of their collected abilities. When you keep your force working together and growing their skills in a supportive environment of tandem hard work, being on the same page will often result in synergistic growth in the skillsets of everyone involved. While “rah-rah” sessions tend to have short-lived results, getting everyone energized through sales coaching and group pep sessions can be a catalyst for increasing your group’s cohesiveness.

Continuing Support

Any coach can come into the picture briefly and have some positive impact. However, the best and most professional coaches will continue to help your group long after the initial stages. The mark of a true coach is that they invest themselves fully into your continually expanding success. This personal investment means they will be available to answer your questions later.

Sales coaching helps your team achieve their best results in several ways. These skill-level expansions help you to become more successful.

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