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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

The Power of the One Page Strategic Plan

Last week, I brought on three new clients. One of them has been in business since 1990. Another, for only three or four years. The third, the one I got very excited about (not that I wasn’t excited about the other two), was the one that has only been in business since June last year.

This brand-new business partnership is generating $30,000 a month in reoccurring revenue. WOW! The challenge they have right now is that they have nothing in place. They’re like, “We have no clue what we’re doing. We have no accounting system in place, and we have nothing.” I’m excited about this because I know how to set up companies to be able to operate, so they don’t have to go back and reinvent the wheel.

Talking with this client got me thinking, so I’m just going to share one thing you need to set up in your business to create a solid foundation. Start by putting yourself on a scale of one to 10. 10, meaning you’ve got it completely rocking and rolling and solid and can teach a course on it. One is like, those guys have no clue what I’m talking about by having systems in place.

If You are Not a 10, Keep Reading

Always start with my proven one-page strategic business plan. Everything you do should center around a strategic business plan. Can you succeed without it? Yes, my new client has been able to go from zero to $30,000 a month, which is huge. That is $360,000 in revenue in their very first year. The average business owner in this country doesn’t make more than $23,000 a year.

I will be having my new client start with a one-page strategic business plan. If you haven’t completed yours, I highly encourage you to join my 10x Business Owners Mastermind Group. I have a training called How to Create Your One Page Strategic Plan that will walk you through exactly how to do this.

Once you get that one page plain nailed down, you will have your objectives for this year, strategies that you will use over this next quarter, and the action plans you will accomplish this month. Now, everything else will fall into place.

Even if you have an existing business right now, or maybe you’re like these guys, and you have nothing in place, when you start with a one-page plan, at least you can see everything you need and create a strategy to get it done. You’ll be off to the races.

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