John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Why Sales and Marketing Consulting is Worth Your Investment

The nature of sales and marketing consulting is such that many professionals do not understand its true purpose. Since most sales forces are already operational and most marketing departments are already generating leads, consulting can seem like a misuse of resources. However, this is actually a great way to boost the capabilities of both your sales and marketing departments.

More Leads

Lead generation is one of the chief purposes of sales and marketing consulting because the greater your number of leads, the better your company is doing. Without a large number of leads to work from, your sales department will have a difficult time avoiding the trap of endless cold calling — which is well known to be highly ineffective. The use of sales and marketing consulting allows your company to evaluate where you are getting your leads and make the choice of either getting far more leads from those sources or seeking out new sources.

When you develop any kind of lead generation strategy, you receive a certain number of leads from every avenue you pursue. These leads can come from anywhere; naturally, you want to quantify them. If a given place is generating a large number of leads, you can then choose to either enrich and further refine that source or allow it to continue while you develop another source. You must make This individual business decision, but sales and marketing consulting can help you make it more effective. With a second set of eyes, you can identify whether a given source of leads is really the best one available.

Better Lead Qualification

Just like any other positive in life, the sheer volume of leads must inevitably surrender to the quality of them. Through the use of sales and marketing consulting, you can identify when a source of leads is producing high quality that is likely to result in closing a sale successfully or when the leads produced are of low quality. The higher the quality level of your leads, the more likely they will help your business grow. Through the use of consulting, you can tell the good leads from the bad ones and avoid chasing leads that will not cause your company to become more successful.

Greater Sales Follow-up

Your sales force is often at the mercy of your marketing department. By its very nature, marketing is very scientific. They will naturally do their best to quantify every aspect of your lead generation and follow-up process. However, sales have traditionally been of a more “cowboy” model — busting down doors and working as hard as possible to close, but with little intelligent direction. Other than being presentable and working to develop charisma, many salespeople are not trained in quantification. Fortunately, sales and marketing consulting can help refine this process and make your sales efforts more scientific and effective overall.

More Repeat Customers

The ultimate goal of your sales and your marketing efforts is not merely to generate leads, and neither is it to close one-off sales. The objective is to produce repeat customers who will be purchasing from you for a long time. This way, you will build a sustainable model that you can use to grow and become more successful in every way steadily. Sales and marketing consulting can help you take the odd sale you may be making or the steady trickle you produce to the next level.

Using a consultant’s services can be extremely beneficial to your efforts. To learn more, get in touch with John Pyron and his team.

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